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Road to Optimal Working Capital, Creditor & Debtor Experience

About PRI® SupplyChain

PRI® Supply Chain is a proprietary payables & receivables management platform, supported by Qube Servicing, generating improvement of working capital by accelerating the payment cycle and turning receivables into cash faster.

The PRI® Supply Chain platform manages, controls and monitors , on a daily basis as well as intraday, all tasks defined as part of supply chain finance to ensure:


  • Enhanced visibility of approved invoices;
  • Accelerated collections processes;
  • A low-cost financing option;
  • Streamlined account reconciliation and forecasting.

How it works

PRI® SupplyChain Unique Selling Points

  • Easy connection
  • State-of-the-art proprietary software PRI® Supply Chain
  • Full access to our PRI® platform
  • Helpdesk access
  • Best practice guidance in credit & collection
  • Proven credit & collection flows set-up
Added value
  • Enhanced payment visibility
  • Improved payment cycles
  • Accelerated cash collection
  • Reduced financing costs
  • Increased liquidity
  • Full insight in creditor exposure
  • Elegant way to unlock working capital that serves both buyers and suppliers
PRI® Supply Chain Pillars

PRI® Supply Chain fully front-tobackend automated platform with daily & intraday updated functionality with the following Pillars covered:

Dashboard Pillar

Outstanding Invoices, Creditors, Receivables Profile and Historic Aging


Creditors Pillar

Creditor details, incl. payment terms & financing arrangement


Finance Pillar

Per creditor overview of the receivables financed in number of days and interest amounts due


Monitoring Pillar

Amounts payable in time based on maturity calendar & buckets


DPO Pillar

Days Payable Outstanding or DPO

Settlement Pillar

Standard overview of buckets and settlement amounts due and payable, incl. disputed and rejected invoices. PRI® Supply Chain supports settlement based on discounted payment method as well as delayed payments through extended payment terms


Reporting Pillar

Standard reports, listing the payment details of each creditor for the daily payments to be processed


Communication Pillar

Creditor or supplier as well as client or buyer communication by mail


Servicer Pillar

PRI® CrediSoft , the integrated credit & collection application supported by Qube Servicing

How to start?

  • Workflow
  • Communication
  • Reporting
1 day
  • Creditor Data
  • Invoice Data
  • ERP to PRI® Supply Chain
1 day
  • Combine Data and Specs
  • Prepare Agenda
1 day
  • Creditor Contact
  • Connector
  • Disputes
Market Comparison

PRI® Supply Chain has been developed based on the in-depth experience with supply chain finance as well as receivables finance with the objective to have a fully front-to-backend automated supply chain finance platform based on historic and actual creditor data which to provide full insight & transparency which will be evidenced by demo on request:


Very friendly visuals compared with market including detailed insight in the status of the open Receivables of Creditors


All relevant information is presented in one screen per section, i.e. functionality, and one click away from detailed supporting information to enhance full transparency

Management information

Detailed management information provided insight in the risk profile of the creditor exposure via the Dashboard, Monitoring & Settlement sections and supporting information via the Reports section as well as full insight in all steps of the finance process

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