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About PRI® CrediSoft

PRI® CrediSoft is a proprietary receivables credit & collection management platform supported by Qube Servicing. The platform manages and integrates collection workflows and tasks:

  • On a daily basis as wells as intraday PRI® CrediSoft manages, controls and monitors all collection tasks defined as part of credit & collection management;
  • Main workflow, Subflows such as Promise to pay and Disputes.

How it works

Click & Collect Unique Selling Points

  • Easy connection
  • State-of-the-art proprietary software PRI® CrediSoft
  • Full access to our PRI® CrediSoft platform
  • Helpdesk access
  • Best practice guidance in credit & collection
  • Proven credit & collection flows set-up
Add-on service
  • Full order-to-cash analysis
  • Back-up servicing for temporary absence
  • Co-Sourcing for specific portfolio segments
  • Become part of the Qube Servicing community of credit & collection specialists

PRI® CrediSoft provides insight in:

  • Receivables portfolio performance via Dashboard functionality;
  • Administration, Debtor and Receivables information accessed via Agenda and/or Debtor section; and
  • Detailed information generated in the Reports section.


Supports debtor communication as well as (internal) client communication by mail, multi languages, as part of the collection workflow tasks, incl. logging as part of tasks performed.

Enables access to specific Debtor, including Receivables, workflows to third parties such as credit insurers, credit collection agencies and/or bailiffs providing when required.


And supports Voice over IP.

How to start?

  • Workflow
  • Communication
  • Reporting
1 day
  • Debtor Data
  • Invoice Data
  • ERP to PRI® CrediSoft
1 day
  • Combine Data and Specs
  • Prepare Agenda
1 day
  • Debtor Contact
  • Connector
  • Promises
  • Disputes

Market Comparison

PRI®  CrediSoft has been developed based on experience by Qube Servicing with market offerings and with the objective to enhance user friendly and efficiency of the credit management application supporting the collection process.

Compared with the market the service and functionality offered by PRI®  CrediSoft proofs to be and evidenced by demo on request:


Very friendly visuals compared with market including detailed insight in the status of the open Receivables


All relevant information presented in one screen, opening Debtor details presented in one view, status open Receivables as well as all open Receivables listed, and one click away from all information on relevant Receivables resulting in less handling to perform tasks


Agenda has filters to customise the agenda tasks, have a user-friendly overview of the tasks to be performed sort the relevant tasks by priority set and enhances the efficiency to perform the relevant tasks & reduces the handling

Management information

Detailed management information providing insight in the risk profile of the Receivables exposure via the Dashboard and supporting information via the Reports section

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