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Qube Financing B.V. (Qube Financing) is a professional organisation with a focus on working capital solutions, for small and medium-sized companies as well as tailored solutions for multinationals in Northern Europe and beyond.

Qube Financing is supported by Qube Servicing B.V. (Qube Servicing) for the management of account receivables when these as part of the aforementioned solutions.


Qube is independent and very well positioned working closely with various companies (or clients), lenders and service organisations.


  • International institutions are increasing their market share and working capital finance is one of the key, growth, areas;
  • Qube connects companies that are in need of working capital to achieve their goals with lenders / financiers providing financial offers;
  • Qube collaborates with various partners in the financial services sector and does this via an integrated proprietary IT platform that facilitates the exchange of data. PRI® inside & Supply Chain are the interface between (accounting) systems of companies (or clients) and lenders, supported by Qube Servicing and its proprietary credit management system PRI® CrediSoft. The advantage being that there is available up-to-date financial information for ALL parties concerned (data is exchanged on a daily basis as well intraday). This provides transparency, optimal credit & collection management and ensures timely financing.

Code of Conduct

  • The Code of Conduct serves as the ethical road map for Qube Financing, incl. Qube Servicing (together Qube), employees and companies, and provides the guidelines by which Qube conducts its businesses.
  • Please click here for the Code of Conduct
Working Capital Finance
  • Working Capital Finance is a product developed by Qube Financing and is aimed at quickly and efficiently providing companies the required (additional) working capital;
  • Using our Quick Scan, companies can immediately see if their application can be converted in a Working Capital solution. Transparency is of utmost importance;
  • Besides being a high quality solution, Working Capital Finance is very competitive as a result of using PRI® inside, including PRI® Supply Chain. Your liquidity is our priority;
  • For (financial) institutions and multi nationals tailored solutions are also supported by PRI® inside as well as PRI® Supply Chain.
The proven user friendly and efficient way of financing working capital.
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