Qube Financing / Working Capital Financing

Simplified settlement process using the PRI® inside & Supply Chain platform

Qube provides and operates a front-end to back-end fully automated receivables financing platform, including credit & collection management and supply chain finance solutions, which is organised along the activities:

Origination infrastructure

Credit & collection infrastructure

Servicing infrastructure

Funding infrastructure

Risk Management Framework

Seller Default Risk
  • Seller Contingency Reserve
  • Daily settlement, including option: expected collections
Seller Risk
  • Seller & Data Verification

  • Daily Settlement

  • Trigger management

Dilution Risk
  • Expected dilution calculation

  • Daily settlement of credit notes

  • Trigger Management

Debtor Default Risk
  • Debtor concentration management
  • Daily expected loss calculation
  • Dynamic enhancement
Receivable Servicer Risk
  • (Standby) Receivable Servicer
  • Seller & Data Verification
  • Trigger management

Qube Working Capital Tool Box

The Qube Working Capital Toolbox has been developed enhancing liquidity and optimising working capital for clients in scope.

Qube Servicing will perform the above and can assist clients on request improving receivables portfolio and credit & collection management.

Receivables Management Analysis

Receivables Services Specs

DSO Calculator

  • Weighted Average Payment Term Development

  • Weighted Average Days Past Due Development

Receivables Pool Analysis & Valuation

  • Expected Weighted Average Life Development

  • Aging Bucket Profile

  • Dilution Profile

  • Expected Loss Profile

Our solutions

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