PRI® inside / Alternative Working Capital platform

About PRI® inside

Set-up for daily settlement routine is defined on automated interface between client’s financial and operational systems and Qube’s PRI® inside. Interface will be implemented and supported by Qube Servicing.

After go-live Qube’s clients will have access to all daily settlement reports with automated instructions for payments if required, resulting in a very limited work-load for clients on an ongoing basis.

The fully automated solution for receivables financing by PRI® inside offers:

  • Daily (re)purchase of invoices;
  • Daily portfolio analysis and portfolio review;
  • Daily notification of purchased receivables;
  • Daily settlement of credit notes and uncollectable invoices;
  • Daily liquidity calculations;
  • Full ‘track and trace’ solution, all required steps are logged and documented;
  • Fully automated data-exchange after one-off implementation of data-exchange protocol;
  • Daily funding and settlement towards participating companies & institutions;
  • Fully integrated risk, operational and legal framework.

How it works

PRI® inside Unique Selling Points

  • Easy connection resulting in fully automated data-exchange
  • State-of-the-art proprietary software PRI® inside
  • Full access to our PRI® platform
  • Helpdesk access
  • Best practice guidance in credit & collection management
  • Proven credit & collection flows set-up
Added value
  • Portfolio analysis, monitoring & risk management capabilities

  • Expected loss & dilution valuation

  • Fully front-to-backend automated platform with daily & intraday updated functionality

  • 100% Transparent – all parties can manage their position based on exact same information

  • Full insight in debtor exposure and risk profile

  • Full ‘track and trace’ solution, all required steps are logged and documented

  • Work-load Clients – no workload on client side on a day to day basis other than execution daily settlement payments

How to start?

  • Workflow
  • Communication
  • Reporting
1 day
  • Debtor Data
  • Invoice Data
  • RP to PRI® inside
1 day
  • Combine Data and Specs
  • Prepare Agenda
1 day
  • Debtor Contact
  • Connector
  • Promises
  • Disputes
Strength PRI® inside

PRI® inside has been developed based on the in depth experience with receivables finance with the objective to have a fully front-to-backend automated receivables finance platform based on historic and actual data which to provide full insight & transparency which will be evidenced by demo on request.


Very friendly visuals, including full insight in the receivables portfolio supported with graphs


All relevant information is presented in one screen per section, i.e. functionality, and one click away from detailed supporting information to enhance full transparency

Management information

Detailed management information provided insight in the risk profile of the receivable exposure via the Dashboard, the Analysis & Monitoring sections and supporting information via the Reports section as well as full insight in all steps of the financing process

PRI® inside Pillars

PRI® inside fully front-to-backend automated platform with daily & intraday updated functionality with the following Pillars covered:

  • Analysis Pillar
    Cash Flow, Credit Notes, Dilution and Collection (Forecast)
  • Risk Pillar
    Trigger Management, Debtor Management, Seller Contingency Reserve and Ultimate Loss Rate Stressed
  • Valuation Pillar
    Expected Loss, Dilution and PRI Rating
  • Legal Pillar
    Deed of Assignment, Supplementary Pledge Agreement and Repurchase & Reassignment
  • Ops Pillar
    Daily settlement & logging of activities as part of workflow and bookings
  • Reporting Pillar
    Daily settlement reports, monitoring of portfolio (and receivables) performance and predefined exports, including booking entries
  • Servicing Pillar
    PRI® CrediSoft, the integrated credit & collection application

Risk Management Framework

Seller Default Risk

  • Seller Contingency Reserve
  • Daily settlement, including option: expected collections


Seller Risk

  • Seller & Data Verification
  • Daily settlement
  • Trigger management


Dilution Risk

  • Seller & Data Verification
  • Daily settlement of credit notes
  • Trigger management

Debtor Default Risk

  • Debtor concentration management
  • Daily expected loss calculation
  • Dynamic enhancement


Receivable Servicer Risk

  • (Standby) Receivable Servicer
  • Seller & Data Verification
  • Trigger management
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