Qube Servicing / International Receivables Management supported by PRI® CrediSoft

Road to Optimal Working Capital and Debtor Experience

Qube Servicing operates a captive credit & collection management platform that ensures that the performance of the receivables will be optimal, creating secured pool of receivables. Qube Servicing recognises the following service levels to its clients:

How it works

Service levels

Click & Collect

Use Qube Servicing Credit & Collection Platfom (or Qube) and benefit from automated collection process

Co-Sourcing Temporary

Collection services provided by Qube Servicing to cover temporary absence

Co-Sourcing Segment

Collection services provided by Qube Servicing to cover specific segments in the portfolio (language, size, aging, …)

Co-Sourcing Partner

Collections & Dispute management provided by Qube Servicing in full cooperation with our Client

AR Financing

If required, Qube Servicing can arrange via captive platform Qube Financing a daily receivables financing program to support working capital requirements

Qube Servicing Model offers

  • Daily automated data-exchange
  • Daily follow-up with debtors for due invoices
  • Registration and Follow-up of reasons for non-payment
    • Payment promises and Settlements
    • Disputes on invoices
  • Daily contact with customer’s organisation towards solving the non-payments
  • Full transparency: all required steps are logged and documented
  • Extensive reporting on status & progress: credit, collections and cash flow


  • Direct communication between Qube Servicing in name of the servicing client (Client) and debtors using 9 languages for written (emails and letters) as well as oral communication
  • Weekly communication with each debtor in scope


  • Match incoming payments with due invoices as well as full disputes management

Co-Sourcing Unique Selling Points

  • Full order-to-cash analysis
  • Proven credit & collection flows set-up
  • Multi-lingual collectors
  • Detailed communication plan towards your debtors
  • Close communication with your internal organisation
  • Dispute management follow-up
  • Full scope reporting
  • Periodic evaluation of results and process
  • Regular on-site presence
  • Easy connection
  • State-of-the-art proprietrary software: PRI® CrediSoft
  • Full access to our PRI® CrediSoft platform

Receivables Management Analysis

Receivables Services Specs

DSO Calculator

  • Weighted Average Payment Term Development

  • Weighted Average Days Past Due Development

Receivables Pool Analysis & Valuation

  • Expected Weighted Average Life Development

  • Aging Bucket Profile

  • Dilution Profile

  • Expected Loss Profile

Our solutions

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