Receivables finance rationale for multinational companies

Receivables finance, also known as invoice financing or factoring, is a financial tool that can be used by multinational companies to improve their working capital management. By using receivables finance, a multinational company can obtain immediate cash payment for the goods or services it has provided to its customers, while at the same time transferring the associated credit risk to the finance provider.


There are several key reasons why receivables finance can be beneficial for multinational companies. Here are a few examples:

  1. Improved cash flow: By obtaining immediate payment for its invoices through receivables finance, a multinational company can improve its cash flow and free up funds that can be used to invest in other areas of the business. This can help the company avoid running into cash flow problems, which can be particularly damaging for multinational companies that may have a large number of outstanding invoices.
  2. Reduced risk of bad debt: By transferring the credit risk associated with its invoices to the finance provider, a multinational company can reduce its exposure to the risk of bad debt. This can help the company avoid the financial losses that can result from customers failing to pay their bills.
  3. Enhanced competitiveness: By improving its working capital management through receivables finance, a multinational company can become more agile and responsive to market changes. This can help the company stay competitive in an increasingly challenging business environment.
  4. Increased profits: Ultimately, the goal of receivables finance is to improve the company's bottom line. By obtaining immediate payment for its invoices and reducing its risk of bad debt, a multinational company can increase its profits and achieve better financial performance.


In conclusion, receivables finance can provide a range of benefits for multinational companies. By improving cash flow, reducing the risk of bad debt, enhancing competitiveness, and boosting profits, receivables finance can help multinational companies succeed in the global marketplace.


Qube Account Receivables Finance Added Value

PRI® inside Platform

The fully automated solution for account receivables (or AR) financing by PRI® inside offers:


Set-up for daily settle-ment routine is defined on automated interface between client’s financial and operational systems and Qube’s PRI® inside. Interface will be implemented and supported by Qube Servicing.


After go-live Qube’s clients will have access to all daily settlement reports with automated instructions for payments if required, resulting in a very limited work-load for clients on an ongoing basis.


PRI® inside has been developed based on the in-depth experience with receivables finance with the objective to have a fully front-to-backend automated receivables finance platform based on historic and actual data which to provide full insight & transparency which will be evidenced by demo on request.

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