Qube Financing platform: Supply Chain Dynamics

Significant value in the global supply chain finance (or SCF) market remains untapped. Nearly 80% of eligible assets do not benefit from better working-capital financing, and the remaining 20% of assets are often inefficiently financed.


Change is accelerating in the market in response to a convergence of factors:


Historic barriers held back the growth in SCF:


Therefore, the key driving factor for SCF is and will be focus on their digital interfaces as part of SCF platforms. This is addressed by PRI® platform.


Three waves of growth

Beginning with supplierâ€Âled solutions, moving to buyerâ€Âled solutions and then to solutions that combine them. Each wave is still advancing and new opportunities for providers exist in each wave

Source: Oliver Wyman paper - Corporate Banking Insight - Supply Chain Finance: Riding the Waves, 2017


Wave 1

Supplier solutions Receivables finance:



Wave 2

Buyer solutions Approved payables:


Wave 3

Convergence of buyer and supplier solutions:



The winner in this third wave of SCF needs to bring together a range of capabilities:


Qube added value in Receivables & Supply Chain Finance

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