Order-to-cash process reducing days sales outstanding

Days sales outstanding (DSO) is a measure of the average number of days it takes for a company to collect payment on its invoices. A lower DSO indicates that the company is able to collect payments more quickly, which can be beneficial for cash flow.

To reduce DSO, you can try implementing the following strategies:

By implementing these strategies, you can help reduce DSO and improve your company's cash flow.


Qube Account Receivables Finance Added Value

PRI® inside Platform

The fully automated solution for account receivables (or AR) financing by PRI® inside offers:

Set-up for daily settlement routine is defined on automated interface between client’s financial and operational systems and Qube’s PRI® inside. Interface will be implemented and supported by Qube Servicing.

After go-live Qube’s clients will have access to all daily settlement reports with automated instructions for payments if required, resulting in a very limited work-load for clients on an ongoing basis.

In addition, PRI® CrediSoft is a proprietary receivables credit & collection add-on application supporting credit management processes serviced by Qube Servicing. The application manages and integrates collection workflows and tasks and is fully integrated with PRI® inside.


PRI® inside has been developed based on the in-depth experience with receivables finance with the objective to have a fully front-to-backend automated receivables finance platform based on historic and actual data which to provide full insight & transparency which will be evidenced by demo on request.

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