Need for digital innovation (in financial services sector)

Why the need for Digital Innovation?


“In today’s era of volatility, there is no other way but to re-invent. The only sustainable advantage you can have over others is agility, that’s it. Because nothing else is sustainable, everything else you create, somebody else will replicate.”

- Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon


Further context for Digital Innovation


Data determines destiny:


Digital imperatives dominate:


An open architecture can help financial institutions adapt their existing operating models to meet the demands of the future, realizing synergies, taking advantage of opportunities and minimizing risk without undertaking timely and costly system conversions.


"Once there is an integrated platform to assess and derive actionable information, asset managers will increasingly rely on these features. They are a definite value-add for any organization, especially if paired with automation software."

- German-based Chief Investment Officer


"After COVID-19, there is a real need for accelerated adoption of new tools that will drive inorganic growth and innovation. Digital technology will provide asset managers with a competitive edge if they can offer unique solutions."

- Spain-based Chief Investment Officer


Qube Digital Innovation Added Value

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