Benefits Qube Financing's supply chain finance solution for SME and multi-national companies

Qube Financing's supply chain finance solution provides several benefits for both small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as multi-national companies. These benefits include:

  1. Improved Cash Flow: By financing the supply chain, SMEs and multinational companies can improve their cash flow and reduce their dependence on traditional sources of financing, such as bank loans.
  2. Increased Supplier Collaboration: The solution enables companies to work more closely with their suppliers, strengthening their relationships and improving overall supply chain efficiency.
  3. Reduced Financial Risk: By financing their suppliers, companies can reduce their financial risk, as they are not directly responsible for paying the suppliers until the goods or services have been delivered and accepted.
  4. Increased Flexibility: The solution provides companies with greater flexibility in managing their cash flow, allowing them to better match their expenditures with their revenues.
  5. Improved Working Capital Management: By providing financing to suppliers, companies can free up working capital, which they can use to fund other parts of their business.
  6. Better Budgeting and Forecasting: The solution enables companies to have more accurate information on their future cash flows, making it easier to budget and forecast their financial performance.
  7. Increased Supplier Stability: The solution can help suppliers to manage their cash flow more effectively, improving their overall stability and reducing the risk of them defaulting on their obligations.

In summary, Qube Financing's supply chain finance solution provides a range of benefits for both SMEs and multinational companies, improving their financial performance, reducing their financial risk, and strengthening their relationships with suppliers.


Qube’s Supply Chain Finance Solutions

PRI® Supply Chain is a proprietary payables & receivables management platform, supported by Qube Servicing, generating improvement of working capital by accelerating the payment cycle and turning receivables into cash faster.

The PRI® Supply Chain platform manages, controls and monitors , on a daily basis as well as intraday, all tasks defined as part of supply chain finance to ensure:

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