Benefits of integrated approach to receivables management and credit and collection management for SME companies

There are several benefits to implementing an integrated approach to receivables management and credit and collection management for SME companies, including:

  1. Improved cash flow: An integrated approach can help SMEs better manage their cash flow by reducing the number of overdue and unpaid invoices.


  1. Increased efficiency: Combining different techniques and processes can streamline the credit and collection process, making it more efficient and easier to manage.


  1. Reduced risk: An integrated approach can help SMEs better assess and manage credit risk, which can reduce the likelihood of bad debt and financial loss.


  1. Better customer relationships: Open and frequent communication with customers can help SMEs maintain good relationships, which can lead to repeat business and customer loyalty.


  1. Better financial forecasting: An integrated approach can provide SMEs with a more accurate picture of their financial situation, which can help them make better decisions and plan for the future.


  1. Cost savings: Improved cash flow, reduced risk, and increased efficiency can help SMEs save money in the long run by reducing the need for additional financing or loans.


Qube Account Receivables Finance Added Value

PRI® inside Platform

The fully automated solution for account receivables (or AR) financing by PRI® inside offers:

Set-up for daily settlement routine is defined on automated interface between client’s financial and operational systems and Qube’s PRI® inside. Interface will be implemented and supported by Qube Servicing.

After go-live Qube’s clients will have access to all daily settlement reports with automated instructions for payments if required, resulting in a very limited work-load for clients on an ongoing basis.

In addition, PRI® CrediSoft is a proprietary receivables credit & collection add-on application supporting credit management processes serviced by Qube Servicing. The application manages and integrates collection workflows and tasks and is fully integrated with PRI® inside.

PRI® inside has been developed based on the in-depth experience with receivables finance with the objective to have a fully front-to-backend automated receivables finance platform based on historic and actual data which to provide full insight & transparency which will be evidenced by demo on request.

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