Acceleration of collections using credit and collection management software

Credit and collection management software can help accelerate the collections process by automating many of the tasks involved in collecting payments from customers. This type of software typically includes features such as automated payment reminders, the ability to create payment plans, and tools for tracking and managing customer accounts. By using this type of software, businesses can reduce the amount of time and effort spent on collections and focus on other important aspects of their operations. Additionally, the use of credit and collection management software can help businesses improve their cash flow by ensuring that they receive payments from customers in a timely manner.


Qube Credit & Collection Management Added Value


PRI® CrediSoft is a proprietary receivables credit platform supporting credit management processes supported by Qube Servicing. The platform manages and integrates collection workflows and tasks:


PRI® CrediSoft has been developed based on experience by Qube Servicing with market offerings and with the objective to enhance user friendly and efficiency of the credit management application supporting the collection process.


Compared with the market the service and functionality offered by PRI® CrediSoft proofs to be excellent and evidenced by demo on request.

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